Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is a transformation tool, it excels at tasks that cut across organizational silos and provides unique capabilities to share information across enterprises.

Why do we need Blockchain

The Internet/ Web solved the problem of sharing information between parties and simplified business transactions

Each party, however, maintains the data in their own system/ ledger and this version of data may differ between parties

This siloed approach of writing the same data in multiple systems/ ledgers creates inefficiencies in the way business transactions are done.

With Blockchain all parties share one version of data and one version of truth

Blockchain reduces Complexity in Business

Tamper Proof

Transaction once recorded on the single shared ledger cannot be altered.

Based on Consensus

Every party agrees to the transaction before it is added to the ledger.

Digital or Cryptographically Secure

Makes business faster, efficient, secure and eliminates paper processes.

Blockchain Value Proposition

Business Transformation

Looking beyond just the technology and including the token economies that it enables, there is value potential in new types of customer interactions and ways to innovate business models.

Process Automation

This category is looking at benefit potential along internal processes and interactions within the business’ value network. Primary value driver here is cost reduction.

New Opportunities

New Business Opportunities: Looking at both the technology and token ecosystem value potential combined, new opportunities are being enabled that are neither part of the core value chain, nor the core business model.

For Governments using Blockchain, three business values emerge — Record-keeping, Value Transfer, Smart Contract


Distributed database with it’s Immutability property for storing data references

Value Transfer

Transparency and Auditability enable digitization of Tokens and assets.

Smart Contracts

Business logic coded onto the Blockchain to execute automatically when triggered.