Grape Technology


Be a significant contributor to fulfilling leadership’s vision of making UAE the world’s first country powered by Blockchain. Be a trusted name in the region for providing fintech products and services


Provide enterprise Blockchain expertise to organizations and help them design and launch next generations of business services/ products.


Provide platform agnostic consulting, solutions to clients looking to embark on the Blockchain journey.

digital certificate protocol


Shahada is a A digital certificate protocol built on blockchain technology which can securely Create, Maintain & Verify credentials via a Web Platform & Mobile App.

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The Company

Grape Technology

We leverage Blockchain Technology to create strategic and measurable Business value for our Customers.

Blockchain Technology

Let’s look beyond the hype. How can Blockchain Technology help your business?

Blockchain is a transformation tool, it excels at tasks that cut across organizational silos and provides unique capabilities to share information across enterprises.

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Lean Management

Services built on Lean Thinking

Lean is a management methodology focused on delivering what the customer is willing to pay for - added value. Activities that do not add value to the end product/service for the customer are defined as waste and should be reduced or eliminated to free up resources to be used for adding value activities.

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